Welcome to the shopper of Peter's Classic Bike Parts. A real shop in Holland  supplying parts for all British motorcycles made between 1938 and 1985, the same year the shop opened.

This shop is owned and run by Peter Alers. This eccentric knows about  the many thousands of different parts, their numbers, their interchangeabiltity, quality and price. He also speaks French, German and some Spanish if you want to call...



We send stuff by old fashioned mail*, POST.nl. Simple, cheap and reliable. Priority means usually airmail, standard: boat or mule.
I don’t charge for packing, but the packing material makes the parcel heavier of course.

*UPS, DHL, Fedex etc. are very expensive in Holland

Can you send Cash On Delivery? No, that is no longer possible. You’ll have to pay first and only then I’ll send your parts.

How much? For max 30 kilos, postage is often about € 13,50 for northern Europe, no insurance. Belgium and Germany only  € 9 for 30 kilos.
Outside European Community (and EC countries that still require custom forms, Greece, Malta, Cyprus 2 kilos ) up to € 29.
If the parcel is really small I can send it as a registered letter. But the web shop cannot guess how big a parcel will be... Outside Europe € 22.
I always send with a tracking number. No "just put  it in an envelope".... Small parcels without a tracking number from Holland disappear. And if that happens I will be blamed for it.
MINIMUM order € 25 in goods. Sorry, no exceptions. 
After 1 jan 2021 no more shipping to the UK. Customs and VAT procedures make this impossible.
Please make an order worth my while. Foreign orders under € 50 are only processed when I have time to spare as they are just as much work as a big one.
Emails for less than € 25 I won’t even answer, sorry.
I reserve to the right to refuse an order, if think there is a risc of the parcel getting lost or the postage exceeds the value of the goods. You and Paypal will insist on me refunding incl the postage, while a make a  € 5 profit on the goods.
Also, please don’t ask the same question twice. Or make me quote you for a zillion little things and then change your mind or ask the same thing again 6 months later. I often pick the whole order as soon as you ask me to quote you, to see if everything is in stock, check the weight for the shipping and make sure that it will be available as soon as the money comes. But there are too many unsent orders on the packing table now....

Price quotes. Everyday I get asked for impossible price quotes. “Can you give me your best price for this 2 page list of parts (half of them nuts and washers and many parts that are already on the site) for my old motorcycle and will they fit and how much is the shipping?”
Answer: Sorry I am too busy helping serious customers who trust me to send them the right stuff at a moderate price as soon as I humanly can.
When you order I send a Paypal invoice that you can check before you pay. If there is something in it you don’t like I can edit the invoice easily.
Why must I wait for an invoice? I only send an invoice when I'm certain the goods are in stock, in good order and ready to ship. I don't want your money if I have no stock.
ORDERS from the web shop are sorted out quicker than mailed in lists. 

What if a parcel gets lost? I hate to think about it; in principle it is at your risk. If you want it insured, please state so when you order. No insurance possible to North America.

When did you send my order? Often the same day as your money came. (EXCEPT SATURDAY, SUNDAY AND MONDAY) But I have no influence on what POST.NL, that is our local mail, does (they are quite efficient), nor what happens in your country. Parcels to Germany often take only 2 days, to Australia and Japan 4 days, USA a week and to Italy sometimes 3 weeks, France and Spain 2 days, sometimes 2 months.
Some countries have such a bad postal system that it is pointless to try: Indonesia, Israel, South Africa.

Why don't you answer my email within a day? This is basically a 1 man operation. All mail orders are checked  and sorted out by me and that is a lot of work. Also all buying and restocking is done by me. Sometimes I'm away on a buying trip, ill or doing things faraway from a computer. And I like  my holidays; when I'm out,  nothing is sent.

Your phone number? I need to write your daytime LOCAL phone number on the parcel. This makes delivery a lot easier.

There is no basket next to the price?! Then it is out of stock and I can't get it on short notice.  Many parts that I sell are rare and hard to find and are produced on an irregular base.  I keep large stocks of what is available, but when they run out it often takes years to get a new lot.