PRICELIST? Sorry, no price lists or catalogs. There is simply not enough time to keep lists up to date and write them clearly enough to avoid mistakes. Of the new parts on the site there are ample quantities, if stock is running low or out I’ll mention that.

You can order with confidence. We have shipped parts all over the world since 1985 and we’ve always tried to keep the customers happy and give them what they want at the lowest possible cost. It is so easy to send the wrong stuff in a huge box by airfreight at your expense; we won’t do that. But we need a little help.
If possible give us the exact year and type of your bike (see What Year? and use original part numbers). I much prefer a phone call to an E-mail to discuss things.
Our prices are very reasonable to low, because of bulk purchases and having many things manufactured ourselves. Please try to limit price inquiries to some big lumps, long lists tend to get forgotten. The shop is only 500 meters from Rotterdam, where people are known for a briefness and businesslike attitude that borders on rudeness; my answers to e mails are often very short but well meant.

International orders.
Sorry absolutely no personal checks and no creditcards. Visa has let us down big time in a swindle and Mastercard charges a minimum of € 10 per transaction. Also, using creditcards on the Internet is asking for trouble. Payment by direct bank transfer only or cash or Paypal. All prices in €uros, but we accept US dollars and British Pounds as well (ask for conversion, or use the currency converter at the top of the home page). For small orders cash in a thick envelope is simple and cheap.


IBAN: NL04INGB00010567 63

We send stuff by old fashioned mail*. Simple, cheap and reliable. Priority means usually airmail, standard: boat or mule.
We don’t charge for packing, but the packing material makes the parcel heavier of course.

*UPS, DHL, Fedex etc. are very expensive in Holland

Can you send Cash On Delivery? No, that is no longer possible. You’ll have to pay first and only then I’ll send your parts.

How much? If the size is really small, max 2 kilos, postage is about € 13 for Europe, no insurance. Outside Europe up to € 35. If the parcel will pass through the mailbox, max 32mm thick it is much cheaper. If less, we’ll charge less.

Please make an order worth my while. Foreign orders under € 50 are only processed when I have time to spare as they are just as much work as a big one.
Emails for less than € 20 I won’t even answer, sorry.
Also, please don’t ask the same question twice. Or make me quote you for a zillion little things and then change your mind or ask the same thing again 6 months later. I often pick the whole order as soon as you ask me to quote you, to see if everything is in stock, check the weight for the shipping and make sure that it will be available as soon as the money comes. But there are too many unsent orders on the packing table now....

Price quotes. Everyday I get asked for impossible price quotes. “Can you give me your best price for this 2 page list of parts (half of them nuts and washers and many parts that are already on the site) for my old motorcycle and will they fit and how much is the shipping?”
Answer: Sorry I am too busy helping serious customers who trust me to send them the right stuff at a moderate price as soon as I humanly can, or who just come to the shop.
When you order I send a Paypal invoice that you can check before you pay. If there is something in it you don’t like I can edit the invoice easily.

There is no shopping basket with this article?! Then it is out of stock and I generally have no idea when it will come again. In this business there is no such thing as a central warehouse that sends 70 year old parts or replacements overnight.

What if a parcel gets lost? I hate to think about it. And it has happened only rarely; in principle it is at your risk. If you want it insured, please state so when you order. No insurance possible to North America.

When did you send my order? Often the same day as your money came (not on saturday, sunday or monday). That is not the day you sent the money. Bank transfers often take a week. But I have no influence on what POST.NL, that is our local mail, does (they are quite efficient), nor what happens in your country. Parcels  to Australia and Japan 4 days, USA a week and to Italy sometimes 3 weeks, France 2 days, sometimes 2 months. Belgique trois semaines  ou une journée. No express or panicky shipments please.

Returns. If you pay with Paypal. They will pay the return freight if you have ticked the proper box in your account.Paypal Refunded Returns service

Your phone number? I need to write your daytime local phone number on the parcel. This makes delivery a lot easier.